Alana - 6 Metre

Boat Name: Alana

Sail: US 52

Year Built: 1930

Designer: William Fife

Builder: Fife of Fairlie

Alana made the 3500 mile trip to Brooklin, Maine via truck transport in the Fall of 2000. After assessing the situation, and understanding that he could improve Alana's weather performance, the owner employed the services of David Pedrick Yacht Design to create a keel design sympathetic to the time, but updated to Rule 3. Mr Pedrick and Jacob Vargish used lines obtained from Sparkman & Stephens from the famous Goose to guide their way on the new keel, but used the original plans obtained from Fairlie Restorations for the deck and cockpit layout. Since the rig was missing at the time of aquisition, a new mast and boom were designed by Pedrick and built in Maine.